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Log Orders


Terms & Conditions

Logs are sold in dumpy bags at £75 per bag.

We also offer a generous bag of Kindling for £5 with a log order. 


In addition to our Logs we also sell Landscape Woodchip in large dumpy bags for £30 a bag.

Woodchip is a byproduct of tree felling and can be used on flower beds, footpaths or anywhere you don't want to do your weeding! Woodchip regulates moisture, suppresses weeds, reduces irrigation needs and gradually improves soil health.

Once you've submitted the form you will receive an automatic confirmation email. We will then reach out to you to organise a delivery date and confirm your payment option.

Please note that a delivery charge may apply. For delivery of Woodchip there is a 3 bag minimum.

We do not deliver on weekends or public holidays. In addition, the area we deliver to needs to have vehicular access.

Log Order Form

I would like a bag of Kindling

Thanks for your order!

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