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Bamfield Tree Services Ltd

How it began

Sim started taking an interest in tree work from a young age. His father was a competition-winning hedge layer, so he spent much of his youth helping with hedge laying work. He later moved on to take his own licences and assist as a tree surgeon’s groundsman for a number of years, whilst taking further licences. Upon completing an apprenticeship as a mechanic, Sim worked alongside his father before setting up his own business, known briefly as S Bamfield and Father before becoming Bamfield Tree Services. 


Sim enjoys all aspects of professional tree work and is also skilled in maintaining his equipment and tinkering with all manner of farm machinery, amongst other things. He has also become a competition winning hedge layer in his own right. As his business has grown, he has been able to employ a small team of tree surgeons and groundsmen and is delighted to now be in a position be taking the company limited.

Bamfield Tree Services Ltd. hold the following professional qualifications and licenses:

- Emergency First Aid at Work
- Level 2 Felling and Processing small trees
- Level 3 Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm
- Level 2 Tree climbing and rescue
- Level 3 Areal cutting of trees with a chainsaw using free fall technique
- Level 2 Safe use of a manually fed wood-chipper
- Level 3 Aerial Tree pruning
- Level 2 Chainsaw and related operations
- UA2.1 & UA2.2
- UA2.3

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